Путешествие на надувной лодке - лучший вид отдыха, об этом знает каждый, кто хотя бы однажды совершил его. Пороги, полевая баня, песни под гитару у костра, новые знакомства и многое другое ждёт Вас!

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Адрес: Республика Карелия,
г. Костомукша,
ул. Интернациональная - 12.
E-mail: zakharov@onego.ru
Захаров Дмитрий Петрович

Tourist firm "Matka-Kos" arranges tours in Russian Karelia:

* Floating along the Pisto-river (this river in its upper reaches is of mountain-taiga type, it flows in picturesque canyons), the Chirka-Kem river and other rivers in a 10-seated boat with a motor "Mercury" and another boat taken a tow ( if it necessary). This floating is for those who are interested in sport part of the tour (passing river rapids), rest with fishing in wild places of Nothern Karelia. Residing: in 4-seated tent 2 persons. We arrange Russian bath on the route.
* Skiing and hiking in the Kostomuksha Nature Reserve.
* Safari on snowmobiles in the dense taiga (tourists must bring their own snowmobiles). We offer a guide with a snowmobile "Polaris". Snow routes for the safari are ready beforehand. If the client wishes we organize winter fishing and residence in a cottage with all conveniences or in a forest house with a Russian bath.
* Tours on Your programs.

Contact person: Dmitry Zakharov
Phone: (81459) 4-15-80
Mobile: +7 921 527 67 47 (from 10 to 19 MSK)